Welcome to Fatima Convent High School



Fatima Convent is an educational Institution run by the Cathoic Minority Community and recognized by the Department of Education, Gujarat State. It is managed by the Carmelite Sisters of Charity of Vedruna through a registered body. It comprised Nursery, L.K.G, H.K.G., Stds. 1st to 12th and CBSE. It is open to children of all castes and creeds and of a cosmopolitan nature.

Here Education is imparted according to the VEDRUNA EDUCATION PLAN hence the school amis not merely at preparing its pupils to qualify for and be successful at the S.S.C. and H.S.C. Examinations but to form NEW PERSONS FOR A RE-CREATED SOCIETY based on VALUES.

Thus the fundamental Elements of the Vedruna Education are:

  1. The PERSON is a being in relationship:
with oneself.
with other persons.
with the universe.
with God.
  1. The re-created SOCIETY     we want to being about is:
Fraternal and Solidarity
Free, Responsible and Creative.
Just and Participative.
  1. The VALUES     we want to emphasize are:
Life, Freedom, Justice, Peace, Fraternity, Faith, Love and Transcendence.

The media of instruction is English and Gujarati, stress is laid to adopt the teaching to the Indian mind and good traditions of the Indian people. Gujarati has an important place in the school curriculum for those children whose mother tongue is Gujarati and are studying in the Gujarati Medium.

Though the school is primarily meant to provide Catholic children with sound religious and moral education, other pupils are also admitted with due respect to their religious feelings and freedom of conscience. A course in moral Instruction and Value Education is given to students to inculcate in them the fundamental duties of man to God, to himself, his fellow men and the Universe. External worship, other than Catholic is not allowed on the school premises.